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An Interfaith Minister is a bridge for peace between and among all cultures and spiritual traditions.

What is the symbol for East-West Interfaith Seminary?
It is the Rose Lotus pictured on our logo. This flower was chosen because it is a beautiful combination of the spiritual traditions of East and West.These two flowers put together symbolize the universal truth that is present in all mystical experiences  when our hearts open and we experience the love that connects us all.

What about the word Minister?
The word Minister means to bring unto. In Interfaith Ministry we each bring our unique gifts and offer them to the world. The word Seminary comes from the root word  seed-so we are like seeds bringing our gifts to the world.

Who goes into Interfaith Ministry?
All kinds of people from varied backgrounds come into Interfaith work. Every Religion is represented and a number of people have no single Religion. All faiths and indigenous traditons are represented. Many of us have been involved in Ministry already because we have already heard the call and we already serve and the seminary experience is an acknowledgement of who we are.

What kind of work do Interfaith Ministers engage in?
Everything from A to Z. Some of us continue to do the work we have always done and the experience of seminary and ordination only serve to enrich our experience. Others are doing international peace work of various kinds; still others choose to have an Interfaith congregation or engage in spiritual counseling, ministries for the arts, personal and corporate coaching. Still others offer ministerial services including wedding services, blessings and other ceremonial work. Many Interfaith Ministers are already counselors and the addition of the Interfaith training gives them an understanding of how to do spiritual counselling that enriches their practice. Some come from academic backgrounds and many do not. East-West Interfaith Seminary is an online global training program in the "how to" of Interfaith Ministry.

Meet some Ordained Interfaith Ministers

From left to right-Rev. Aaron Zerah-Author, Rev. Kathy Beal-Artist, Rev.Dr. Katherine O'Connell/Pema Khandro-Author, Psychologist and Chancellor of East-West Seminary, Rev.Nellie Morse Thompson-Native American Elder, Rev. Linda Adams-Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Chi Kung Instructor.

We have been blessed with many friends.
Through the years we have given honorary Interfaith Diplomas to many  well known leaders from all traditions-these are honorary recognitions to those who have done work that contributes to world peace and Interfaith understanding and not ordinations. Here are a few.
The Dalai Lama  Pir Vilayat Khan   Huston Smith   Nelson Mandela  Joanne Shenandoah

Dhyani Ywahoo     Amma            Angeles Arrien       Elie Weisel   Rev.Dr.Matthew Fox

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